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Judy got a new bike from Foster’s. I think Foster’s is a good place to get a bike.

I didn’t always think that. A few years ago you used to have to haul your bike down the stairs to the service department, where indifferent bike mechanics just wished you would go away. I blogged about that on March 25, 2007.

It’s different now. They’ve moved the service department upstairs, and they deal with repairs promptly; you can get a tuneup while you wait, unlike the place where I got my bike — Tommy & Lefebvre — where you always have to leave your bike for at least a week.

Judy’s new bike is a Raleigh with 8-speed hub gears and a step-through frame. It’s nice. If you need a bike in Centretown you could do worse than Foster’s.

The reason Judy needed a new bike is because asshole bike thieves stole her old one from our front yard. It was locked to a wooden porch rail. They broke the rail to get it.

Death to bike thieves!

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