Happy New Year

Judy and I went up to Maynooth to go to the New Year’s Eve party at the Arlington Hotel. We rented a room at the hotel (actually a backpacker’s hostel), which made getting home very simple — there is no law against staggering upstairs and falling into bed while drunk.

Here’s the house I built near Maynooth. Pretty as a picture ain’t it?

I used to think I might retire there, but now that I’m at least semi-retired I find myself living in Peterborough instead. Still it’s nice to know it’s there. And besides, Peterborough is much closer to Maynooth than Ottawa is.

Mirror ball at the Arlington.

Sarah Decarlo provided the live music, joined by Tammy Foreman on vocals and Farmer Tom Logan on bongo drums. Here’s Sarah.

This movie is approaching midnight. It’s very low quality, probably not much worse than most of what people are shooting on their phones… only I didn’t use a phone. Hey, it was dark and noisy in there!

Anyway here it is. It probably isn’t watchable unless you were there, and especially if you are in it.

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    I love your little house, Robin.

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