This a visual index of all the pictures in my ‘Pic of the day’ series from 2008 to the present.

  • To see the index, click on a month.
  • To see the original post, click on a thumbnail.

Pictures have Buy Print/Buy Card/Send eCard above them. Clicking on one of those opens a shopping card at Fotomoto. Here’s how it works:

  • You decide what you want and pay them for it, usually by credit card.
  • They make your print and ship it to you.
  • They pay me my cut.

June, 2013: Fotomoto seems to have gone belly-up. It wasn’t doing much for me anyway. If you really want to get a print of something, contact me… we’ll figure it out.







Note that the fotomoto software has put “Buy print” links under almost every picture on this blog, but in general only the ones in “Pic of the day” are actually for sale. I’m slowly removing the links from the not-for-sale ones. If you actually want to buy a print of something that is not marked as being a “Pic of the day” it still might be possible. You can always email me at and ask.

Electronic or other uses

If you want to use one of my pictures online, I’ll probably give you permission. If you’re a corporation, I’ll sell you the rights at the usual rate for your industry.

  • Christine Palamidessi Moore used my picture of Colleen Searson, in the post Caribe-Expo, for the cover of her novel The Fiddle Case. (Colleen Searson also agreed.) Here is her website. I think it looks fantastic.
  • This blog from India uses one of my pictures for its header. I love it!
  • Nelson Publishing is using the picture of Iustitia (Justice) from this post for the cover of their textbook “Parameters of Power.” They paid me their going rate. Needless to say, I’m thrilled!
  • Look at my street corner on the tickets for a hip-hop show in Montreal. TrĂ©s cool!


So if you want to use one of my pictures for something, just ask. Most of the time I’m completely into it.