St. Peter’s School

Fisheye shot of St.Peter’s school, 443 Reid St.

I don’t quite know what this. I’m not from around here. On the plaque it says it is St. Peter’s School, but when I google St. Peter’s School I learn that the original St. Peter’s School was torn down and a new one built somewhere else. And yet, there it is.

Maybe someone from around here will explain, although I realize this blog doesn’t have many readers from around here.

I briefly considered living in the building you can see on the left, because the property manager specifically said that the place was welcoming to pets. Most of the ads on Kijiji for apartments in Peterborough said ‘no pets’, and I wasn’t about to send poor old Clint Eastwood back to the Humane Society after all this time. Or off to the glue factory.

I think landlords just say ‘no pets’ because it’s easier for them to say it than not to say it. They want to rent their places in the simplest way and not think about anything else, such as someone actually having a pet who is part of their life.

I think landlords should try harder, not just follow the easiest path. As should we all.

Anyway, that place is called Cathedral Court. The rent was a bit high for me so I ended up at the equally grandiosely-named Royal Apartments instead, which is probably for the best because it is closer to downtown. It is also specifically pet-friendly, although it does say in the lease that Clint Eastwood is not to go outside. That might be a problem in the springtime when old Clint’s hormones get going. If they do get going. He might be almost out of hormones by now.

Here is a fisheye of the dining room at my place in the Royal Apartments. You can see old Clint sitting on the table wondering if spring will ever come.

And while I’m at it, here is the living room/office/movie room.

A year ago today:
No pic.

Two years ago:
Pic 1053

February 15, 2011

Three years:
Pic 716
China Doll
February 15, 2010


Pic 364
February 15, 2009

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